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A Beauty Product Made in Los Angeles, with Love.

Believe me when I say Faux Freckles™ was created after watching Suicide Squad in Culver City, CA., while driving down Santa Monica Blvd. to the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. Talking my boyfriend’s ear off about how Margot Robbie is "everything" and how I can't ever decide if Red Velvet is better than Cuban Coffee, he somehow managed to change the subject to "Hey! What did you get at Sephora?"

He obviously knew I got the ABH brow-wiz pencil because he was present, but he didn't see me asking the beautician how to draw freckles on my face. As we approached Sprinkles, we were in a full blown discussion about why anyone would risk having a brow pencil dotted on their face all day without smudging and how we can "fix this problem."

Two cupcakes, a domain name and a brainstorm session later, Faux Freckles™ was born. We created this product so that you can wear a trend without the worry. Whether you are a simple beauty maven or a 1-person Suicide Squad, Faux Freckles™ was made for you, by us.

With Love & Sprinkles.

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